Nicole "Nyk" Ryan

Learning Specialist
Nyk Ryan

Health Science Education Building

she, her, hers

My goal as a Learning Specialist is to support all students in mastering their own learning and maintaining academic confidence during the stress and rigors of medical school. I believe that under the right conditions, with the right supports, any student can learn successfully.

Yet every student is an individual, with different strengths, needs, and cognitive habits. I strive to listen, to ask thoughtful questions, and to understand each student as a unique person, because our work together can only succeed if it's a partnership—there's no "one size fits all" for learning. Students have all the expertise on themselves and knowledge of plenty more, so my contributions to the partnership include offering knowledge of resources and evidence-based learning strategies from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education, as well as offering encouragement and a nonjudgmental space for taking perspective on medical school’s challenges.

It takes teamwork across the college, from students to faculty to staff like the Learning Specialists and beyond, to support our future physicians in entering the field with confidence and readiness born from a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. I'm honored to serve as part of that team.

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