Step 1

Step 1, getting started

The sheer volume of resources available for Step 1 preparation can be daunting. In addition, the allure of having so many resources at your fingertips is very strong. However, the sheer quantity of resources does not necessarily mean improved quality of studying.

Check out our Interactive Guide for Step 1 Readiness! This guide includes:

  • The exam breakdown 

  • Our recipes for learning and readiness 

  • A visual timeline 

  • Cost planning 

  • Updated resource 

  • Q-bank planners, sample schedule templates, and more

Explore our Interactive Guide for Step 1 REadiness (PASSWORD PROTECTED) >>

  • What have you discovered/rediscovered about yourself as a learner in medical school?
  • What works/doesn’t work for you during content review and extended study periods?
  • What challenges might you anticipate for your Step 1 study time based on your learning or study preferences?
  • How would you maximize the usefulness of the tools you choose to use?

We encourage you to work with your Learning Specialist to customize an approach for your Step 1 readiness that is a good fit for you and your learning! Step 1 readiness work is supported college-wide by providing you with practice exams, faculty-led review sessions, individualized work with Tutors, workshops, panels, and more!

Additional Resources

Testing Accommodations 

If you anticipate a need for accommodation based on a temporary or chronic medical condition or disability for Step 1, please contact your Learning Specialist or check out our information online now

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