Peer to Peer Learning

Student Development provides opportunities for current medical students to enhance their learning experiences with free Appointment Tutoring, Walk-In Tutoring, and Supplemental Instruction (SI). Tutors have demonstrated a thorough comprehension of the material and the ability to facilitate learning. Tutoring is available for all blocks and courses and provides students: access to high yield study materials, practice USMLE style questions, special exam reviews, and Step 1 & 2 active learning workshops. 

Walk-in tutoring is available for any and all medical school topics and academic blocks. Do you need a practice partner for doctoring? Do you want some advice on how to get into the content for clinical anatomy? Are you not sure where to start with microbiology? Do you learn well by explaining to others and then getting feedback on your explanation? We can help you with all of those things, plus anything else that would help you understand the content more deeply. Bring your muddiest points list (most confusing or least clear topics for you) and utilize this as a great opportunity for social learning

Note: We are utilizing breakout rooms if multiple students are present. If you’re the only student present, you can have multiple tutors help or opt for a one-on-one in a breakout room. It’s totally up to you.

  • Hours:
    • M & W 7 AM - 9AM
    • M-TH from 3 PM - 6 PM
  • Location: Health Science Education Building (HSEB), room B501 on the 5th floor. 

Free appointment tutoring is also available for students. Need an appointment? Students may click on the following link to arrange an appointment. Log in using your university username and password (NetID). Select search for availabilities in the calendar tool. Choose the Tutoring under center. Click search and choose a day/time for your meeting. Choose the reason for the meeting. Add your cell number and notes to let your Tutor know what goals you have for the session. At this time, all appointments are virtual. You can connect with a Tutor directly or on AdvisorTrac.  AdvisorTrac is just one option to connect with a Tutor. Students are welcome to reach out to Tutors directly via email. 

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Learning is better together!

Supplemental Instructions (SI) Leaders are peer facilitators (Student Development Tutors) that hold regularly scheduled review sessions. During SI sessions, our medical students engage in activities that reinforce content understanding through practice and application with other students. Research suggests that attending one hour of SI is roughly the equivalent of studying 2.5 hours alone. National data demonstrate that regular attendance in SI improves a student’s final course grade. Student Development Tutors facilitating SI sessions will send out e-mail notifications of upcoming sessions. 

  • "Anyone can benefit from tutoring!"
  • "Review sessions are super helpful before tests."
  • "I loved using the morning review sessions as a preview for the class that day."
  • "I am finally not just relying on my memory.  Working through practice problems with a Tutor helped me demonstrate what I know."
  • "Utilizing the tutors is something that I would highly recommend to every student. My time with the tutors for Step 1 helped me focus on the most important topics and definitely increased my final score on test day.
  • "I was initially pretty resistant to the idea of meeting with a tutor for Step 1 because I thought that seeking help meant that I wasn't doing something right or that I was inadequate in some capacity, but after a couple of sessions, I quickly realized how flawed that mindset was. I began to realize that what I learned from the tutors and gained from my experience working with them was not something I could have achieved on my own, regardless of the amount of time and work I put in individually.
  • My 1-on-1 sessions really shed light on how performing well on Step 1 is not only about content but also about strategy, and meeting with the tutors regularly helped me learn how to approach questions effectively and think more like a doctor. Although my primary reason for meeting with the Step 1 tutors was to perform my best on Step 1, I continue to regularly utilize the strategies they taught me in my learning, not just on exams but in clinical applications as well. I truly think that everyone can benefit from Step 1 tutoring in some capacity, and I would encourage students to seek help early (and not to be resistant like I was!), because I found that repeat encounters with the tutors was really what solidified my learning and helped me to feel confident on test day."

Join our Team

Are you interested in becoming a Student Development Tutor?  Read on!  Student Development Tutor positions are only for current College of Medicine - Phoneix medical students. 

Complete our online application form (Not Active at this time)  

  • A sense of pride and accomplishment from supporting others in their learning
  • Increased mastery of content skills (great for Step 1 preparation)
  • Development of communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent opportunity for professional development and learning facilitation experience
  • Paid position and paid training (beginning at $17.00/hour)
  • Overall block score of 80% or better. 
  • Level 2 or better in all behavioral competency areas
  • Knowledge of basic academic skills and the ability to demonstrate the successful application of these skills
  • Ability to work independently applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills